Cancellation and Refund Policy


a. Freedom Self-Publishing

At Freedom Self-Publishing, we are confident that the program will get you results when you put in the time and effort to study the materials and apply what you learn. Because of this, we simply ask that you give the program a fair and honest attempt.  

FSP comes with a 24-hour no questions asked refund period. After 24-hours, the program comes with our NO DOWNSIDE' 90-DAY ACTION BASED REFUND GUARANTEE. 

 Our refund policy is a black and white guarantee which means the refunds are granted on a black and white basis. There are no gray areas. If you have taken the required steps (listed below), you qualify for a refund. If you do not take the required steps (listed below), you do not qualify and will not receive a refund. End of story. 

Our guarantee and the qualifying conditions listed below have been put in place for your own good. The actions required to qualify are exactly the same actions it takes to become a successful publisher. We are not requesting you to do anything that is outside the program. We are simply asking you to use the program as it is intended and take action on what is taught. If you give up at the very first moment of resistance, then you're not giving us or the program the chance to help you. Helping you get past adversity is part of the program and what is takes to become a successful publisher. If we allowed our students to quit every time they face adversity, we would not have as many student success stories as we do.

The conditions for the 'No Downsides' Money Back Guarantee are as follows:

  • You must publish a book that is at least 20k words on Amazon with properly made covers, titles, and description following the program.
  • You must gather at least 40 authentic reviews on your book on Amazon. 
  • You must attend at least 1 Q and A call. 

The timeframe in which these criteria must be met is 90 days. If the criteria is met and the member is still not happy with the program, they can claim a full refund of the enrollment fee paid when they joined.

All criteria for meeting our 'No Downsides' Money Back Guarantee must be provided to our support staff via email at [email protected] within 90 days from the date of purchase. If you have not completed the actions listed above, your refund request will not be considered. Please do not contact our support team for a refund if you have not taken the required actions stated above to receive a full refund.

The 'No Downsides' Money Back Guarantee only look at the criteria listed above and will not look at your personal issues as forms of consideration. The following reasons do not qualify for the money back guarantee and refund of the payment if:

  • You found the program confusing
  • You don't think publishing is for you
  • You changed your mind
  • You have personal drama
  • You believe you're not tech savvy enough
  • You don’t have the money and/or time to use the program
  • You have unexpected health or financial issues
  • Any other reason that are not related to the action-based criteria mentioned above

The reason why the money back guarantee is structured as they are is not because we are greedy or evil. It is because if you do not follow the program, it is impossible for us to help you. We will not allow you to use your personal life’s circumstances as excuse on why you can't take action on the program, and achieve success. For this reason, we make it a requirement that you apply what we teach.

By purchasing our programs, you agree that you understand that our staff is always willing to work with you and will honor any guarantee. You agree to contact us before you attempt to file any chargebacks or dispute with your credit card or bank. However, if you do file a fraudulent chargeback or dispute, your account will be reported as fraud to your bank, sent to collections, and possibly pursued legally. There is no risk of this issue for you as long as you simply speak with our support staff by emailing them at [email protected]. We will not tolerate fraud of any kind.

If you would like to request a refund, please forward us a copy of your receipt to [email protected] along with an explanation of why the product did not work out for you.

Publish Profits LLC makes no guarantee regarding the amount of business success nor the amount of money you will achieve with this program. Any damages are limited to the amounts paid to Publish Profits LLC.